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5 Year anniversary






How can you explain best what you do as an Event Manager? By letting people experience during your ‘wooden’* anniversary!

A few months before the events, relations from THAT’S ELSE received a card for Valentine’s Day. After a few weeks, they received a Save the Date with a registration link. All 12 questions needed to be filled in before registration. They would find out what would be done with the answers. Two guests were treated to pizza and hot dogs a few days before the event. But at 1 o clock at night. This was the answer to the question ‘for what can I wake you up at night?’. During the reception, guests were mingled in a playful way. For everyone the singer sang a few lines of his or her favorite song. The cartoonist drew a card for every guest to bring home. A few days after the event, all invitees received a wooden give away.

*In Holland they call a 5 years anniversary a ‘houten’ (wooden) anniversary

Photos: Elisabeth Beelaerts

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