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A Mugnificant Day!




Spectrum Advocaten


Haarlem residents are popularly known as ‘muggen’ (mosquitoes). So THAT’S HAARLEM turned the personnel day in Haarlem into a Mugnificant Day. The invitation was accompanied by a teaser in the form of a bottle of mosquito spray. For the first activity, the 10 employees were divided into 2 groups. On a bike ride, they competed against each other for the title “Best Mug”. Passing famous Haarlem Highlights and some unknown hotspots, they answered fun questions and tasks, discovering a whole new side of the city. At the end of the trip, the winners were announced during a delicious lunch at a lovely location.

During the second activity, the group was divided into pairs. Through a series of cryptic descriptions, they were able to explore the gorgeous dunes. Back in the city centre, everyone was treated to a real Haarlems Uiltjes beer. The day ended with a lovely meal in a stylish restaurant.

The day after, all employees received a Coffee Mug with a thank you card on their desk as a souvenir of the nice day.

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